Sunday Morning: Dealing With Change

Who likes change? I don’t know anyone who does. Of course I don’t ask very many people if do or don’t. In casual conversation some say, “it’s just how it is”, others say, “I wish it could stay the same” and others say, “I was waiting forever for it to change!” I’ve never enjoyed change– at least not in most cases. I have always appreciated the old fashion look, but with the world turning more modern every minute,  it feels like I face a lot of changes. Yet, no matter how fast I run, change always manages to catch up with me.

 The truth is, change is inevitable. What we can do is control how we respond to it. Yet, how does one respond when your wife redecorates your living room for the twentieth time after you just got use to the way it was. Or when your sibling goes off to college, now the house will be so empty with no one to tease anymore. Or when a new member of the family arrives and it’s not just the three of you anymore. Or in my case, when your dad plans on putting a GPS in your tractor . . . 

 Like I said, some look forward to it, others don’t. However, some point in life every soul faces both points of view. For those who don’t look forward to it, it can be a tough time. In these cases it’s important to remember, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” (Hew. 13:8). The Lord does not change (Malachi 3:6), “His love endures forever” (Psalm 136:1).

Hard like a sibling moving or a love one dying, or simple like your wife redecorating for the twentieth time, or when my dad puts a GPS in our tractor, Jesus is with us. He will help you stay patient until your wife overcomes her redecorating faze. He will help me stay open-minded to my dad’s farming improvements. He will get you through the change of a loss family member, He will not leave you . . . He will not leave us.

In the end we always see the truth. If change wouldn’t have happened we wouldn’t be where we are now. We wouldn’t have what we have now. I will most likely grow very found of the GPS and will most likely end up telling my dad how much I like it. Probably not in the first while though. 

With every situation, keep in sight the light, that shines through the open window. Feel the fresh breeze, let the light shine on your face. God’s change is inevitable, is powerful, is shaping your life into the amazing future ahead of you.