Sunday Morning: What is Rest? (Continued)

So, how do we find rest? How does the busy mom find rest? How does the overwhelmed teenager find rest? Well, let’s brain storm a bit. With a hectic life style, it’s sometimes hard to see how a person can find rest, let alone enjoy it when there’s so much work to do. But whether you’re a business woman, an over-worked dad, a farmer, or a student there’s something for everyone.

  • For the overwhelmed student- How about when you get home from school sit down, have ice cream and relax a bit or play a game. Then do your homework after dinner. Going out with friends in the evening? Do homework first and then forget about it. Have a job you need to get too? Okay most likely your shift doesn’t start until five, so relax a little bit until you need to leave–take a nap. Then next day get up early enough to do your homework. This might not work for you, but I find naps more relaxing then sleeping in the morning. Now keep in mind, these ideas might not work, but don’t give up here. Find a way to find time to rest. Even if that means fifteen minutes a day.
  • For the busy mom- Okay, obviously I’m not a mom and never have been, but let’s see if there’s not a way to squeeze in some “you time.” Maybe you’re driving your children to school on your way to work. Or maybe you’re a stay at home mom. You have to stop at the grocery store and the bank, do laundry, you have two children who haven’t started school and tons of cookies to bake for the church bake sale. How about on your way home from dropping off your children or on your way to work, you squeeze in some prayer time. When no one can find time to rest their body, it’s important to rest your mind. Most likely you’re two younger children still take naps, during their naps find time to read a book, sit and do nothing, work on a hobby, or scroll through a magazine. Or when dinner’s in the oven, baking away, sit and play with your children. I’m not entirely sure, but I’m almost thinking that a husband would enjoy coming home and seeing everyone calm and happy.
  • For the over-worked dad- Okay so what do you do for a living? Does your boss stretch you as far as possible? Do piles of work await for you when you get home? Are the bills piling up? Maybe you work from eight to eight, you eat leftover dinner when you get home, then start conquering those bills. With this schedule, there’s no time for rest and no time with your children. So here’s one idea, take a break and go talk to your children before they go to bed. This depends on their age, but you could read them a story, talk to them about their day, talk about their hobbies, talk about school, etc. This would give them time with their dad; give you time to not think about work for a change and rest your mind. Another idea is, on your way to work, also squeeze in some prayer time. It all depends on your work schedule, but I’m sure with a little effort, peace of mind and a willing personality, you can figure out a way to rest.
  • For the single parent- Often single parents juggle more than they can handle–or so we think. The terms of rest I mentioned above can work for you as well. With an open mind, one can find time for some “you time.” With anyone it might feel like you juggle more than you can handle. But we should remember that God will never give us more than we can handle. (1 Cor. 10:13) A huge way to find rest when it seems it’s not possible, is praying to God. Know that God holds tomorrow and that everything will be alright. Because He already has it all planned out.

Now we know finding rest is important and we know that there are ways to find it. But what happens when you’re not in control of your time? What happens when your boss holds your time, he says when to eat, when to leave, keeps you at work as late as possible and never lets you rest? What happens when your parents depend on you to help out and your time is completely in their hands? When you know you need rest, yet there’s no way to find it. Find rest in the Lord. He says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) Even though this might not rest your body physically, but it will rest your mind. Know that He has it all planned out for you already, keep working, yet not worrying. Keep planning, yet not stressing. Keep in mind, the whole world will never be carried on your shoulders. Someone is walking beside you and doing it for you, while offering to carry your bag as well.