Sunday Morning: Sharing Is Caring

I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom: Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. 2 Timothy 4:1-2

For as long as I can remember people have always tried to prove God is a myth. Books, songs, articles, even movies are made to prove them wrong. And from what I’ve heard, people always end up accepting Christ instead of proving His death. Of course we know why it happens in this way; because God does exist and is very much alive. Yet why do people still try so hard to prove He doesn’t? And why do others still try to prove He does exist?

I know why I believe He exist, I know why I would stand up for His existence–if the chance occurred. Yet I don’t know what drives people to prove He doesn’t. I once read that people who don’t believe in Christ are dumber than the devil. Because even the devil believes in Christ. The devil knows Christ’s exist because he tries every day to defeat Him. So why? Why would humans put themselves lower than the devil and believe Christ doesn’t exist?

Well in order to prove God is dead you first have to believe that God existed. How can you prove someone is dead if they never existed? And in order to drive someone to prove God’s death, they first have to have a reason. If God truly was dead, than what would drive one to prove His death? When people set out to prove something, it usually starts with passion or frustration. Some people hate microwaves; they cannot accept them. It drives them crazy that people would heat their food in such a toxic machine. So (I don’t know if anyone has, but let’s assume they did) they set out to prove the danger in using a microwave.

Other people work hard to fight against cancer. Their sympathy for the sick drives them to fight against it. Organizations are set up to help people fight against drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Right now states are determining if they want to let drugs into their state. Microwaves, cancer, drugs, smoking, and alcohol all exist. That’s what drives people to fight against it. No one can fight against something if it doesn’t exist. No one can win a battle with no one on the other side.

So, like we read earlier, if God was dead than what would drive people to prove His death. If He was dead than your daughter wouldn’t have lived. If God was dead than death wouldn’t be apart of this world, life wouldn’t be so beautiful. If He was dead than the earth wouldn’t turn. If He was dead there would be no one to prove the big bang theory. Anger wouldn’t be apart of you. If He was dead you wouldn’t be angry at Him for letting war happen. If He was dead you wouldn’t want Him out of your school. For there would be nothing or no one to get out of school.

So, what reason do people have to prove God’s death, when they obviously already know that God exist? Anger. Hatred. Sadness. Confusion. Now take a moment and think how you felt when you read the last paragraph? Did you feel angry at them for being so ignorant? Did you hate that they refused to see the light? Did sadness sneak into your heart because you know their journey’s end would be painful if they kept going like this? Did you not understand why people refuse to accept God into their heart? Because you and I both know the terrible, horrifying death Jesus went through for us. We both know what He sacrificed for us to have life, and to see people put up a fight against it. To fight against such an undying love; to fight against someone who gave His life for them. It’s ugly, it’s disgraceful, it’s patronizing. It’s turning around, realizing the face of a lacerated, gray monster is three inches from your face.

Earlier I wrote of something I read in a book; well I left one thing out. I also read that what good is it does knowing God exist? The devil also knows He exist. However, we as Christians, live by His word, we live for Him. We do not only know He exist, we follow Him. But if we always kept it to ourselves, what good would it do? Of course, it would get us to heaven–living by His word, excepting Him in our hearts, follow Him as our friend and savior. But don’t we want other’s to join us in Heaven? To feel that overwhelming joy, the love we feel from Christ. Don’t we want people to really know how much God loves them; He not only exist, but exist for them, so they may have love and joy. Don’t we want people to know that hard times come, but God’s word never fades. That His word is just as true now, as it was when things were easy. Don’t we want people to have hope?

So why? Why on earth would we want to keep Jesus’ journey, God’s love, joy and hope to ourselves? Why would we want to keep such an incredible story of life to ourselves? What’s keeping us from sharing it? What’s keeping our tongue from speaking? What’s keeping our loving actions from happening? While we stand by, angry at the world for not seeing the truth. While our words of hatred fill the room. We speak loudly and clearly of the state the world’s in. We do not waste a second spreading bad news, we have no problem talking about how much we hate that people wont change. Yet we have a problem telling people the change that can be done. We have a problem stepping out and sharing the love. We have a problem sharing the hope that is found in Jesus. We are scared to tell the truth. We have a problem . . . we have a problem with people not realizing God’s love. We . . . are the ones who can help solve that problem. We are the ones who are going to solve that problem. We are the ones who will not keep God’s truth to ourselves. We . . . we are the light of this world. It’s time to rise up, with no fear, with no doubt, using our anger and turning it into passion. And share the Good News.

Sunday Morning: Dealing With Change

Who likes change? I don’t know anyone who does. Of course I don’t ask very many people if do or don’t. In casual conversation some say, “it’s just how it is”, others say, “I wish it could stay the same” and others say, “I was waiting forever for it to change!” I’ve never enjoyed change– at least not in most cases. I have always appreciated the old fashion look, but with the world turning more modern every minute,  it feels like I face a lot of changes. Yet, no matter how fast I run, change always manages to catch up with me.

 The truth is, change is inevitable. What we can do is control how we respond to it. Yet, how does one respond when your wife redecorates your living room for the twentieth time after you just got use to the way it was. Or when your sibling goes off to college, now the house will be so empty with no one to tease anymore. Or when a new member of the family arrives and it’s not just the three of you anymore. Or in my case, when your dad plans on putting a GPS in your tractor . . . 

 Like I said, some look forward to it, others don’t. However, some point in life every soul faces both points of view. For those who don’t look forward to it, it can be a tough time. In these cases it’s important to remember, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” (Hew. 13:8). The Lord does not change (Malachi 3:6), “His love endures forever” (Psalm 136:1).

Hard like a sibling moving or a love one dying, or simple like your wife redecorating for the twentieth time, or when my dad puts a GPS in our tractor, Jesus is with us. He will help you stay patient until your wife overcomes her redecorating faze. He will help me stay open-minded to my dad’s farming improvements. He will get you through the change of a loss family member, He will not leave you . . . He will not leave us.

In the end we always see the truth. If change wouldn’t have happened we wouldn’t be where we are now. We wouldn’t have what we have now. I will most likely grow very found of the GPS and will most likely end up telling my dad how much I like it. Probably not in the first while though. 

With every situation, keep in sight the light, that shines through the open window. Feel the fresh breeze, let the light shine on your face. God’s change is inevitable, is powerful, is shaping your life into the amazing future ahead of you.