Well, where do I start. I’ve lived on a farm my entire life, near a small town in Southwest Kansas. I grew up attending a Mennonite church and still am active in the Mennonite community today. I’ve always loved animals–especially horses! I have one horse, three cows, two goats and another miniature horse that I spend time with; however, she’s not mine. I go riding whenever possible. I find there is nothing like riding a horse through the country side– or anywhere for that matter. Some of the most peaceful and precious times in my life were spent bonding with a horse; also some of my most painful times. After all, horses do kick, bite and buck.


Although animals are part of a farm life, there’s much more to it. I spend a lot of time in the garden during the summer months, we have a BIG yard where I spend a lot of my time weeding the flower patches, mowing, and a lot of other jobs. And when I’m not doing that I spend time on the fields driving the tractor. The good part comes at the end of the summer–canning. When August rolls around you’ll find me in the kitchen canning almost about anything.

After I graduated from High School I made the decision not to attend University and focus on my writing. At the time I had no idea what my off year would look like, but as Fall appeared I found myself searching for the best publishers to publish my book. Almost in a blue, God directed me to create my own blog, just a few short months later. Before all this I attended a Matthew West concert, The All In Tour. When he gave his speech about his song, All In, I found myself strangely and strongly encouraged. One thing he asked, “Is there anything in your life right now where you can go all in?” I knew then and there that I had to and wanted to go all in with my writing. I knew I could do so much, if I went all in. So I did. After that so many possibilities became visible. God brought so many opportunities to my life, where I could and where He wanted me to do something. Now I find time to publish weekly post of encouragement for teens and young adults on my blog, The Farmer’s Daughter, and stay active in a writer’s workshop group, while working with my first published book, A Christmas Prayer.

This sums up almost about everything. All I have to say now: keep a look out for more books that might come your way in the near future. God willing, there will be many more! Until then, be sure check out the first one.