Another Way to Study Your Bible

20190130_161832291916663.jpgHow are y’all? So, the other day I was talking to a couple of friends and someone mentioned how they’re learning how to study their Bible. And it inspired me to write another article about Bible studying. You all know I count this very important because I even have free Bible study sheets on my website available to download. 😀 But either way, it’s important because it’s how we get to know God. How we get to know Him not just as a god who lives far above us, but a god who lives among us as our friend. So, what are a few ways to study a Bible? Frankly, there are so many ways and everyone has a way that works best for them. I personally love Bible journaling, and writing things down. While I love the artsy part of Bible journaling, one doesn’t always get the full understanding like one might in Bible studying. And I switch around, like I said, I like both ways. It just depends what mood I’m in. And I don’t always stay with one method of studying either. I switch around to whatever is working for me at that time. So, let me show you what I’ve been doing when I’m not using my Bible studying guides. 20190130_162618899396848.jpg

I simply take a note book. In this case I have a notebook dedicated to Bible use specifically. I believe I’ve shown this one on my blog before and I just use to write in anything that’s Bible studying related. Now if you’re just looking at the page it just looks like a long boring letter. That’s because usually I do this in the morning and I don’t have time to whip up something pretty. But at the very top I wrote where I read, then the first sentence is a phrase from that scripture that stood out to me.

Then I ask myself, “What does this mean?” And then I just answer myself, for example, it means faith can do a lot. And then I go on to explain to myself what faith can do and so on. And at the bottom of the page I usually write a prayer, but I didn’t have room so I wrote on the page beside it. (Excuse my spelling and grammar, when I’m hand writing, I sometimes go to fast.)

But before this, I have to break it down in my Bible. Now this is the really fun part—for me. Now I don’t have a strict way to do this, but I notice my brain sort of falls into a routine without me noticing it. So, what I do is circle the very important things (stuff that really stands out). That is if its all in one phrase. If it’s just a few words and they’re sort of separated yet, I’ll underline them twice. Now if I want to point out a meaning, but it’s not that strong, I’ll underline it once—if it’s just a few words. If it’s a whole phrase and it’s not that strong, I’ll simply underline the whole phrase. And I 20190130_163031513459310.jpgdon’t really have room to write in my Bible, plus I don’t really want to yet. Because it’s still a little knew and a part of me wants to keep it neat. So, what I do then is I use post-it notes to write little things down. I’ll write history information, (Like I did here with Hannah in 1 Samuel) I’ll write prayers or I’ll write something that stood out to me.20190130_163835598378007.jpg

And when you study really ask yourself what it means? Write it down, read in between the lines. Find other books that will help clarify. But remember, no human will ever understand the whole Bible. If we did, we’d be way to smart. We have to keep learning and thriving to follow what we learn, just remember—this might sound harsh, but you will never find the answers to everything. What we can do is, study, learn, follow, trust and obey. But I will leave you with one tip that really helps me, a picture Bible. Honestly, a picture Bible is so clear and simple and so fun to read. I read my brother’s picture Bible completely and I would gladly read it again. Because I forgot a lot and just find the stories so interesting. I’m still meaning to get my own. But search bookstores, the web, ask your friends, or anywhere and get something that will help you.

So that’s it for today.

Until Next Time,

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