How I use my Bible Study Guides

So I don’t know about y’all but I love blending arts and crafts wherever I can, so today I’m going to show you a few tips and ways that I mix fun ideas into my Bible study. Also I’ll show you how I use Bible study guides to help me out. Now, the guides I use, you can download them on my website and you can find them by simply clicking here. They do come in a size A4 so when you print them out, change your printer settings to A4 and it should work. If you don’t have a printer you can fill them out on your mobile device as well.


Okay so to print them out I use thick copy paper just because they feel more like cards then, but you can use whatever paper you like. I do print them out on letter size paper, then I cut them out with a pair of scissors. Although with a paper-cutter it would work a lot better, but I don’t have one so this works to. To cut straight lines I just draw a line and cut along that line. And then you have a small enough size card to fit in your Bible or even a small binder if you wish.

Now, I have a NIV Life Application Study Bible that my husband gave me for my last birthday–I love it! It’s so clear and I learn so much from it. But . . . we can learn from any version of the Bible. Although I recommend investing in some type of Bible study recourse to help you understand the tough verses.

Here are a few Bibles and recourses you might be interested in.

NIV Life Application Study Bible

Bible Studies


So the way I use the guides: I simply fill in the boxes, answering the questions above. (What did this scripture mean to me? A special phrase that stood out to me was . . . What are my goals after reading this? My prayer:) I also have this thing where I underline or circle any verse that I like. Although I know some people don’t like to write in their Bibles and if that’s the case for you then I recommend putting post-it-notes or bookmarks by a chapter that you really like.




Now you’ll notice this card on the left. It has five different ideas on where you can read and then on the other card–on the top–you right down where you read for that day. Of course, as you continue to study you’ll have to print out more cards. So maybe print out five or ten right away, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough cards. Also I put washi tape on one of my cards. I like adding my personal touch to almost anyting, if you haven’t noticed. But you can do whatever you like to make it your own. But I thought this was kind of pretty.


Now when it comes to putting these cards away after you’re done, I like to put them in the front of my Bible. I use a paper clip to keep them on the first page of my Bible. Of course, as you collect more and more cards, you can use binder clips to keep them in place. Once I’ve collected a lot I will defiantly have to find a different storage system, and when I do I will be sure to share it. As for now, this works great. 20181214_093510.jpg

Wait. Before we head out for the day, let’s talk about Bible journaling. What if you want to add a little more color to it? Then s defiantly for you. You can use a Bible journal to color in your Bible, to draw and make notes on what you read. It depends on how I’m feeling that day, sometimes I’ll do Bible journaling in my Bible journal, sometimes I’ll do Bible studying in my study Bible. Both work for me, so it just depends what I feel like doing that day. 20181214_093949.jpg


This is my KJV Bible that I use for Bible Journaling. I’ve started doing a lot more Bible journaling and I even got some neat journaling supplies to make it even more colorful. But if you want to journal, and still use those study guides–all the better! I just wanted to quickly share with you another process. There are so many fun ways to get to know God’s Word, that if we really try we can for sure learn something.

You can find more ideas on Pinterest. And if you have Pinterest be sure to check out my Bible Journaling board here.  I hope this blog inspired you to study your Bible and I wish you the best on your Bible studying journey.

Until next time,

Maria 😀

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