Back In The Saddle

Hey! I’m back. So you probably all realized, I haven’t written in a while. Instead I got married. You probably noticed I mentioned my fiance a couple of times in a few post; however, I never officially announced our engagement. But now you know that I’m married and ready to get back in the game.

I took a break from writing because I realized that I could simply not do it all. Between blogging, farming, house keeping, writing short stories, marketing my book and planning a wedding it was just too much to handle. Since working on the farm and in the house is something that must be done, my writing was the first thing to put on hold. This way I could focus on the life changing event on hand.

Because I wanted to do so many things at once, I began to sink with everything. My writing became boring and poorly written, my head began spinning constantly from trying to think of everything at once and nothing seemed to work out. So if I wanted to keep a healthy life style something had to change. And I will write all about that change and what I learned from it in my next post. Until then I will tell you that you will see some changes in my weekly post, with some new features and new ideas. I won’t tell you everything, but bible journaling, budgeting, and home life style ideas will definitely be apart of it. So if you’re interest in all of those then be sure to keep a look out for future post and let me know what you think.

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