Sunday Morning: Discard your Faults; Love your Flaws

Discard your Faults

Everyone always says, “We all have faults.” And yes, it’s true. Our family often talks about each other’s faults. I know. It’s an easy way to jump on each other with this and that, why we’re so bad and all, but we don’t say it like that–usually. Most often we go around asking what our major faults are. Now that I write it down it sounds like an uncommon thing to do. But after a few excuses here and there we all admit that it’s true and that it needs changing. This technique could be used to help discard our faults. We, ourselves, often don’t realize what our faults are, until other people point them out. This way it can help us to realize and change our ways. Yet, it is an easy way to start a fight if the whole group doesn’t appreciate other people pointing out their faults. (It might be best to only do this with your family.)

This first paragraph sounds like I’m snapping at faults and how we should change, doesn’t it? Well even though that is true, that’s not what I’m saying. Sometimes when people point them out, we get snappy and point out that no ones perfect. This seems to be what the world says these days. The first thing we might do when we meet someone, we’ll notice their faults and their flaws. And when someone notices ours, we’re upset, which leads us to say that everyone has faults. Next thing we know we’re pointing out their faults and flaws.

With all this “pointing out” people have begin to make a statement about how they love their flaws and others. Everyone does have faults and flaws, and it’s better to love them for it, than to judge them because of it. But what about when faults are serious? Faults aren’t always good you know. But what about flaws? Are faults and flaws the same? While they do have similar definitions, there’s a difference between them. A fault is an unattractive feature in a character; a flaw is an imperfection. So, how does this compare to loving and supporting, or discarding and changing?

No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

-Benny Loewen

For starters, this quote sounds nothing like the world today. But lets learn more about the author, before we jump to conclusions.

My brother, Benny. A guy who laughs at his imperfection, who waves away other’s critique, who is who he is, never pretending to be anything he’s not. Why would he, above all people say this? After sixteen years of living with him, I’ve learned this about him. Benny tries really hard to be the best he can be, if he spots a fault he will try his hardest to discard it and start anew. Meaning, if he sees he’s acting rude, selfish, bossy, or ungrateful, he’ll change. But when it comes to his flaws, his big head, his short fingers or his weird personality, he laughs. He does not care what other’s think, he says, “That’s how God made me.” And as his sister I can say, I wouldn’t want him any other way. I love his flaws. But when it comes to his faults (nasty habits), I can’t wait to see them change.

Flaws define the person god made us to be, faults define the person no one wants to be..png

George Soros, one of the worlds most successful investors, said something similar to this also. He said,Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes.” There is no shame in having faults–everyone has them, but that doesn’t mean we should proudly keep them. Acting selfish, or unkind is a nasty habit that can and should be changed.

Love Your Flaws

Faults could be considered our imperfection, such as freckles, a long chin, big feet or a weird and unusual personality, but in a way, faults are more like nasty habits. So in an another way, our flaws are our freckles and big feet. They are beautiful and every one has them. Just like faults. But flaws are part of who we are. Faults should change, but flaws are unique and should not change. You may remember the post, Be who God made you to Be, well this fits in right here. When the good Lord designed us He did it wonderfully, he made us perfect through our imperfection. Our long freaky fingers, our big nose, our bony knees, our small face or whatever we find, is part of what makes we who we are.

Everyone was gifted with an awesome personality. We shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are, we shouldn’t want to change our flaws. Benny once said he feels sorry for the people who are embarrassed to “jam out” (to dance like no one’s watching). He says, “they don’t know what they’re missing.” Life is so much fun when you “jam out”, when you love who you are and be who you are. The you that no one else could be. We might look or feel a little odd about ourselves, but in the end who would you rather be? A made up character of someone who’s filled with flaws just like you are, or would you rather be the unique and one of a kind person you are? Flaws define the person God made us to be, faults define the person no one wants to be. “Discard your faults; love your flaws.”

A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble with imperfections.

Chinese Proverb

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