Spoiled Goats, Noicy Geese

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Goats can be annoying, especially spoiled goats, and mind you, our goats are spoiled! Plus when almost all the spoiled goats are pregnant goats in the dead of winter, it can be a problem. I remember last year at the beginning of May–one would think spring in that time of year, but it wasn’t. The flowers were beginning to bloom, the cherry blossoms beginning to peak through, with the grass a fine shade of green already, when a snow storm hit. One like we’d never seen before–especially in May! Even the elders, who lived around here all their life, said they’d never seen anything like it: nineteen inches of snow in May. Of course, for those who live up north it probably doesn’t sound strange, but for us in southwest Kansas, it was. TRUST ME, THERE WERE BRANCHES TO CLEAN UP EVERYWHERE!

But where were we? Yes, the goats. When that snow storm hit we piled them all in our barn, free to run around. Our miniature horse and everyone–except the chickens. At that time we didn’t have geese, nor did I have a horse. They all stayed loose, tucked in one barn for over a day. Our barn was a mess! This year we aim to come prepared. Just in case. We are setting up little stalls in every corner of our barn and keeping them there till summer. This is needed either way, for our goats are due in January and I believe one of them is getting close. So we best get to it! Starting tomorrow or next week.

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Not to mention our pregnant miniature horse is due in March. Of course, she’ll need a bigger stall than the goats. I hope all the goats are out of the barn by then. I have never had any experience with pregnant miniature horses; I would very much appreciate any knowledge if someone has to offer it. 

Imagine a corral full of little goats playing and a baby miniature horse in the next corral. And with any luck our geese will be nesting by then. You should see little geese follow their mother as the male goose follows behind. Oh, and have you ever seen little goats play? It is the cutest! IMG_20170613_090206586 

           (This image was taking in the spring from our geese.)

Plucking the geese has nothing to do with their cuteness. That is a whole different story. I will get into that another time.

I wait for time from my busy schedule to go riding with my horse, Izzy. She is desperate need for some exercise, plus my brain is in desperate need for some time with my horse– and miniature horse. We are training our miniature horse for buggy driving and so far it’s a slow process. Stormy, the horse, is not the problem, it’s the time that’s the problem. But I will get there yet. And I will let you know with the results when we hitch Stormy on to the buggy. Last time did not go so well. . . 

I know though driving the buggy might have to wait till after her delivery. I doubt pulling a buggy is good for them at this time. 

Oh, well I have said so much at such a late hour. . .  I’ma hit the sack. Hope y’all enjoyed a simple slip into my life. 

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